Qus:   I am appearing in the Final Year / Semester of my qualifying exam / Course or the result of my final / Semester is awaited, can I apply?
Ans:   Yes you can apply, subject to the condition that you obtain minimum qualifying marks and submit your final result with CVPPPL by 31.07.2020.
Qus:   While submitting the online application it shows some “ERROR” or “NO PAGE FOUND”, what should I do?
Ans:   It might be because of the Speed of Internet Connection being used by you, however you may take screen shot and send to us at [email protected] to resolve the issue.
Qus:   In the final result of my qualifying course, I have been awarded with CGPA / OGPA / SGPA but not with Percentage, in this case what should I do?
Ans:   Obtain the CGPA / OGPA / SGPA (Grade) to Percentage Conversion Formula from your respective Institute / University, calculate the percentage and mention it.
Qus:   I have secured 59.99%/49.99% marks in degree/Diploma, can I apply?
Ans:   No, your candidature will not be accepted by the system as it cannot rectify the fractions.
Qus.   What about CVPPPL Profile and Projects under it?
Ans:   CVPPPL profile and details about the Projects are placed on CVPPPL website
Qus:   Can Provisional certificate be considered in case candidates do not have degree?
Ans:   Provisional certificate can be considered but mark sheet depicting consolidated marks of all semesters should also be uploaded.
Qus:   How the Project Affected Families can apply?
Ans:   While filling online application, candidates belonging to Project Affected Families will select district Kishtwar, followed by option YES and proceed further for getting relaxation in qualifying marks.
Qus:   I have filled in wrong details in my submitted application, how can I make corrections?
Ans:   After the expiry of the last date of receipt of online applications, candidates shall be given one final opportunity to make corrections in their online applications. Accordingly, candidates should regularly follow CVPPPL website for updates on the matter.